Everyone can find the perfect way of detoxification in our Sauna-world.

In our Finnish sauna, which is suitable for 10 persons, we make you forget the heat (80-90°C) with regular sauna-séances.

Our aroma sauna of a lower temperature (60-70°C) helps the refreshment of the body and soul with essential oils.

Those who do not like high temperature, can detoxify their body in our infra sauna (45-50°C) with the help of colour therapy.

4-5 persons can relax in our steam cabin (40-50°C) with a variable colour illumination for their detoxification and relaxation.

After using the sauna, step in the shower cabin and enjoy the energies of cold water. Our more courageous guests can pour a tub of cold water on their head for a more intensive cooling effect.

At the weekend we are waiting for you with various sauna-séances, according the current season’s mood. After the séance let us surprise you with our cuisine’s pampering specialities.