Revitalizing massage

The revitalizing massage mobilizes the inner, medical energies of your tired and weakened body. It provides perfect renewal at cellular level. The strength and vitality of youth spreads throughout the body again.

45 minutes: 8.900.- Ft (ca. 25 EUR)
75 minutes: 13.800.- Ft (ca. 37 EUR)

Swedish massage

Relaxing and refreshing at the same time. The traditional movements with their different strengths are built upon each other, thus enhancing the activity of the body. Results a new feeling in the physical body.

45 minutes: 8.900.- Ft (ca. 25 EUR)
75 minutes: 13.800.- Ft (ca. 37 EUR)

Head massage

Helps thinking more clear. Provides a better concentration and memory. You will return with new enthusiasm and creativity from the pleasant experience of deep relaxation.

30 minutes: 5.900.- Ft (ca. 14 EUR)

Back massage

The problems and troubles in our life put a load on our back. The back massage makes these loads lighter, thus lightening also the “weight of Life”. Helps loosen both physical and mental stress.

30 minutes: 5.900.- Ft (ca. 14 EUR)

Foot massage

The tired and heavy limbs are getting fresher and lighter after the treatment. The blood circulation will be livelier. Feel the freshness in your footsteps!

30 minutes: 6.500.- Ft (ca. 16 EUR)

Leg massage

We can find the map of our whole body on our sole. By massaging the sole we affect the operation of the body, as well as mobilize the self-healing energies.

30 minutes: 5.900.- Ft (ca. 16 EUR)

Chocolate oil massage

The chocolate oil massage provides the experience of a perfect dipping in the mental and physical well-being. Helps your relaxation with the stroking sensation of the mild oil and the scent of chocolate remembering of childhood. Makes your skin silky and smooth. It is deeply pampering the body and refreshing the soul.

45 minutes: 8.900.- Ft (ca. 25 EUR)
75 minutes: 13.800.- Ft (ca. 37 EUR)

Energizing treatment

The treatment helps you reach the full body revitalization. In addition to its stimulating effect it can strengthen the general welfare of the immune system and your internal circulation. It aims to release the positive energy and as the result of that, your entire spiritual refreshment and increased life energy is guaranteed with a detox foot spa.

30 minutes: 6.500.-Ft (ca. 16 EUR)