Let us invite you to an adventurous trip into the world of Korean cuisine!

Let it be a new type of social adventure around an abundant table, where everyone can find the tastiest dishes.

Basic ingredients of Korean dishes are salads, paprika, stalk vegetables and roots, meat and seafood, soy purée, sesame oil and tropical fruits. All dishes are cooked shortly but intensively, thus keeping the precious vitamins and minerals of raw materials.

Spicy is the dominant flavour of Korean dishes. Salt is barely used: the natural taste of the dishes are in perfect harmony with kimchi and soy sauce of a strong and salty flavour.

One of the basic materials of Korean cooking is rice steamed without salt and spices to make it snow white, fresh and fragrant. Due to its natural aroma, Korean rice is a perfect supplement of colourful, various and spicy vegetables, meats, seafood and soups.

Our restaurant always serves homemade kimchi. This pungent and spicy vegetable is a permanent element of Korean meals, usually made from Chinese cabbage but also from cucumber or radish.

For rapid meals we offer one-course dishes or soups. Simple meals consist of rice, kimchi, two or three kinds of „namul” (vegetable, salad) completed with soup, fish or meat. After an abundant meal a bit of fresh fruit or a glass of cold water neutralizes the hot flavours of the dishes.


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