Sights near and far:


Discover the flora and fauna of the Danube bank and Rácalmás Big Island on foot, by bike or boat. Anglers can indulge in their hobby at the Small Danube Branch, which abounds in fish.

Cultural heritage

Have you heard that Rácalmás used to have as many as eleven mansions, five of which have been restored to their original splendour by now? Go and see the sights of Rácalmás, even by a horse-drawn carriage!

Craft programs

You can either see the characteristic artefacts of the region displayed in the three workshops located in the eco centre, or even try your hand at making some yourself!

Local history exhibition

Get known the history of Rácalmás, and also come and visit our gastronomical, piscatorial and African exhibition! In the park you can also learn all tricks of archery.

Starting from Rácalmás there are various sights and programs waiting for you. The nearest city is Dunaújváros, where – although only a few people know – it is worth looking around.

Historical memories

To find out about the history of the region, you may take a long walk in the neighbouring Dunaújváros. Visit the Statue Park, Intercisa Museum, the Lapidary and the Informational Path of Socio Realistic Architecture.

Farm program

At Solt, you can immerse yourself in the ‘puszta’ and genuine farm life, including animal stroking, horse shows, wine tasting and various traditional rural activities.

Brunszvik Castle

Martonvásár’s Brunszvik Castle and Beethoven-programs are waiting for the visitors.

For further programs, maps and information please contact our colleagues.