Thalion treatments

Thalion treatments

"Beauty from the ocean"

In our Hotel we provide brand new body treatments by using the products of THALION, the leader company of the Thalasso-therapy. This company, settled down beside the French Bretagne, works with the clearest and most precious seaweeds while paying close attention to the environment. Our guest can enjoy all the beneficial effects of the ocean and seaweeds both during treatments, and while using THALION products at home.


Merge into the heart of the ocean and feel all its benefits. With the THALION treatments we invite you to discover this deep and everlasting experience in order to find the perfect physical and mental well-being. With an individual program, these unique and manual beauty rituals can find the personalized solution for all needs.

Sea Happiness Ritual
Discover the mysteries of the sea deep within your skin in a Sea Bliss Ritual, where the secret power of the refreshingly citrusy Tiare Flower and Prickly Pear Oil softens and brightens the skin. This séance is a hypnotic journey into the realm of deep relaxation, where special massage and hypno-relaxation techniques are intertwined to transport you to another dimension, where the harmony of body and soul reigns. The mysterious essences of the sea come to life, hydrating and balancing the skin while penetrating deep into the soul. The melodies inspired by nature and the dancing rays of sunlight together create an atmosphere in which the senses and the mind unite in endless relaxation. At the end of the treatment, a wonderful-smelling emulsion envelops the body like a magical cloak that evokes the memory of a sunny beach.

Treatments:   75 minutes 19.900.- HUF (contains the peeling)
                             60 minutes 17.800.- HUF (does not contain peeling)

Thalion Express Slimming - Be slimmer with our body treatment

Our guests can experience the benefits of algae in our newest treatment as well. Targeting the cellulite-affected parts of thighs, buttocks and abdomen, the newest product of Thalion has an immediate and visible effect even after one treatment.

Besides the already well-known versatile beneficial algae extracts, the other main ingredient of the product is caffeine – our guests can feel the detoxifying and slimming effects of the combination of these two elements in a particularly short period of time. The massaging navy blue pearls clean the body from the dead skin cells, thus enhancing lymphatic circulation and reducing the amount of fat cells on the skin surface. After the treatment the skin becomes smooth and hydrated.

30 minutes – 7.500.-HUF

Treatments for woman

The creamy body scrub, which is rich in volatile oils, has dual beneficial effect: gently removes the dead cells from the skin and helps the absorption of active ingredients. The blood circulation gets livelier and the skin takes a deep breath. This is followed by an energizing massage, then the body shaping mask with its minerals and trace elements makes the silhouette slimmer. We make the external and internal renewal more complete with a cup of hot body shaping tea.

75 minutes – 17.400.-HUF
50 minutes – 14.900.-HUF

First we help the renewal of the upper epidermis with a body scrub rich in coconut; then a mineral-rich cream helps with all its beneficial effects under the skin. The next step is a soft and creamy body mask, which relaxes the muscles combining the benefits of seaweeds and the relaxing effects of warm temperature. We soften the skin with a nacreous body lotion, and we finish the treatment with a cup of hot relaxing tea, thus making it more complete.

75 minutes – 16.500.-HUF
50 minutes – 13.800.-HUF

Treatments for men
In the first step of the treatment we remove the dead cells of the upper epidermis with a marine salt gel, thus helping the renewal of the skin. This is followed by a relaxing massage, and then a soft and creamy mask relaxes the muscles combining the benefits of seaweeds and the relaxing effects of warm temperature. We soften the skin with a butter rich in vitamin C and Laminaria seaweed; and make the external and internal renewal more perfect with a cup of hot relaxing tea.

75 minutes – 16.500.-HUF
50 minutes – 13.800.-HUF

The intensive body scrub with oil rich in magnesium and calcium has a double beneficial effect - in addition to the active removal of dead skin cells, it also promotes faster absorption of the active ingredients. This is followed by an algae body wrap, the minerals and trace elements start the cell renewal processes. Then the renewal continues with a toning and harmonizing massage. The final algae body care restores the body's internal balance. The result: the signs of fatigue and stress fade away immediately, the relaxed and recharged body regains its strength and vitality.

75 minutes – 17.400.-HUF
50 minutes – 14.900.-HUF

In the first step we renew the skin with a creamy body scrub, and then we make the body and soul livelier with an energizing massage. A seawater-based mask detoxifies and energizes the body using the benefits of the ocean. This is followed by a soft cream, which is rich in lymphatic stimulant ingredients, helps the physical and mental recreation; and we finish the treatment with a cup of hot drainage tea.

75 minutes – 16.500.-HUF
50 minutes – 13.800.-HUF


The THALION products are real essences of the ocean, being in perfect harmony with the skin. These products are rich in active ingredients, and they can be combined perfectly with the specific THALION protocols in order to reach the optimal result.

Cosmetic facial massage 
The cosmetic facial massage relaxes you physically and mentally, and is one of the most effective stress-relieving treatments. It reduces wrinkles, improves the supply of oxygen to the face, and helps maintain the firmness and elasticity of the cell-tissues. Face massage cream rich in active ingredients, cell renewal against skin aging, lifting effect.

20 minutes - 6.900 HUF

Chrystal treatment / Hydrating
This is an ideal treatment for a really dehydrated skin, as it nourishes even the driest skin intensively. The hydrated skin gets its velvet limpness, resilience and beauty back. The result: perfect hydration, soft and shiny skin.

60 minutes – 13.800.-HUF

Emerald treatment / Lifting
This treatment has a dual effect, anti-aging and intensively hydrating at the same time. The first signs of the ages are fading, the face gets smoother. The skin is getting thicker and the color of the face gets more heterogeneous.

60 minutes – 14.900.-HUF

Sapphire treatment / Nourishing
Ideal treatment for tighten the skin. This nourishing facial treatment helps getting the resilience and the tone of the skin back. The purpose is to restore, tighten and redraw the shape of the face.

60 minutes – 13.800.-HUF

AlgoCalm treatment / For sensitive skin
It soothes irritated skin, strengthens the skin's self-defense system, rebuilds the skin's protective function, and strengthens capillaries. The sensitive and reactive skin is balanced again, discomfort is immediately alleviated, the skin calms down and regains its elasticity and comfort.

60 minutes – 16.900.-HUF

Facial treatment for men
The THALION laboratories provide perfect answer to the needs of men with special treatments in order to achieve concrete and immediate result. These treatments combine power and energy, thus helping the patient to get their vitality back. Toning and relaxing massage movements restore the balance of the body. Result: signs of tiredness and stress disappear, and the recharged and relaxed body gets its power and vitality back.

60 minutes – 14.900.-HUF



(It can be booked as an additional treatment to the already selected massage.)

Stress relieving, zen effect, special wellness offer, which is also effective for active athletes.

Thalion is an exclusive marine-only, 100% marine algae cure with high absorption 
Magnesium. When absorbed through the skin, Marine Magnesium achieves a calming effect 
faster and it helps to remove toxins.


  • The body is gradually replenished with magnesium, nervous tension is eased. 
  • Stress relief, relaxation, this sea magnesium concentration returns the body balance and harmony. 
  • A real source of muscle relaxation, which is another effect in addition to the relaxing and wellness effect. 
  • The body is relaxed and gets rid of stress. The skin regains its elasticity and softness 
  • Preservative-free, fragrance-free, colorant-free, anti-allergenic.

Price of the additional treatment (30 min): 6 600 HUF