Ayurveda treatments

Ayurveda treatments

Holistic massage therapy

This holistic massage therapy is a basic element of the ancient Ayurveda cure of India, helps keeping your fitness and wellbeing. Light music, curing and smooth massage movements and the purest oils of India provide perfect detoxification of your body and soul.


Ayurveda massage results a physical and spiritual rejuvenation of our guests, thus providing complete harmony with themselves.


The treatments can be booked 24 hours in advance, after prior registration, according to actual availability.


The most important of the Ayurveda treatments is the Abhyanga. In the sanskrit language Abhyanga means an oily full-body massage. This beneficent massage is equally good for our skin, muscles, joints, cells, all of the organs, the nerve system and also makes the accumulated toxins and unhealthy reagents diasappear.

90 minutes + 15 minutes steaming – 24.900 HUF


This Ayurveda part-massage is a treatment especially for the head, the neck, the shoulders and the face. By this massage, the circulation of the blood increases, the brain functions are rising, and the symptoms of insomnia are decreasing. A couple of continous treatments completely dissolves the muscle cramps in the shoulders and the neck, and also makes our hair healthy and shiny.

20 minutes + 10 minutes steaming – 9.900 HUF


Also an Ayurveda part-massage, but this treatment focuses completely on the feet. By stimulating the reflex zones on the soles, this massage helps to make the organs more healthy and optimizes the life functions.

20 minutes + 10 minutes steaming – 9.000 HUF


Udwartan massages are performed with powerful hand motions to increase the blood circulation and metabolism. For these treatments the masseur chooses the right combination of oils and powdered herbs that match the body-type of the patient. Rubbing with powdered herbs is perfectly effective for dissolving and removing accumulated fat and unhealthy by-products caused by the overfunctioning „KAPHA dosha”. With the steaming that comes after the massage, the dissolved by-products are leaving the body by sweating. Tightens and exfoliates our skin and effectively terminates cellulite. Master of slimming and toning.

120 minutes - 25.900 HUF


Shirodhara massage is a special type of Ayurveda treatment. After the Shiroabhyanga treatment the masseur starts to rattle warm massage oil onto the patient’s forehead while slowly moving the jar horizontally. This technique is very effective, because the patient is going to be deeply relaxed, the nerves are calming down, headache, migraine, insomnia and different mental exhaustions are going to disappear. Shirodhara courses are highly recommended for those who have chronic insomnia or headache. Nothing relaxes more than a Shirodhara treatment.

60 minutes - 17.800 Ft


Ayurveda’s special massage. Following the Abhyanga treatment there is a rice-bouquet rubbing. These bouquets are filled with brown rice boiled in milk, and are dipped in herbal hot milk. (Brown rice contains valuable B vitamins, protein, fibers, manganese, magnesium, iron, zinc, folic acid, calcium, selenium and vitamins E-, K-,  B1, B3, B6, essential amino acids.) Navarakizi is one effective way of detoxification, and also a rejuvenating treatment. The result of the treatment is a nourishing, rejuvenating, replenishing and soothing effect. It is extremely useful in cases where the body needs to be built eg. Muscle weakness, joint pain. Great help with skin complaints due to overactivity of "PITTA", itching, eczema, psoriasis, inflammatory acne, wrinkling, early onset.

120 minutes - 25.900 HUF

Patra potli

Ayurveda's special, customized massage. Abhyanga is followed by herbaceous balm rubbing. Once the doshas have been determined, the bouquets filled with herbs harmonizing the function of the body are dipped in a warm herb oil. Therapeutic massage that detoxifies and offers solutions to all organ system malfunctions. It assists the balancing and the healthy functioning of all three doshas, VATA, PITTA and KAPHA.

120 minutes - 25.900 HUF