List of allergens

The numbers next to the dishes marks the allergens, which is included in the mentioned dish.

1.   Grains containing gluten

2.   Crustacea

3.   Egg

4.   Fish

5.   Peanuts

6.   Soy

7.   Milk / Dairy products

8.   Nuts

9.   Celery

10. Mustard

11. Sesame seed

12. Sulphur-dioxide

13. Lupin beans

14. Molluscs

15. Honey

If you are intolerance or allergic to any food ingredients, please inform our colleagues who are going to help to choose the right meal during your stay.

The prices contain 13% service fee.

Our prices are given in Hungarian Forint and included VAT.

Chef : Ádám Kovács